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          Φ110-Mini Strobe Warning Light


          High brightness LED light tube light, life of 50,000 hours, saving energy, low heat, no maintenance; LED lit, flash feature is optional; Material: shade -AS, base -AL; product structure compact, fixed way flexible and easy; flash frequency: 90-150 beats / min; protection IP54

          Order Specification

          Model: LTD5111
          Light Sources: LED Strobe
          Light Power: 3W
          Speaker Decibels: -
          Mounting: Magnetic
          Voltage: DC12~36V     AC36~240V
          QTY: 20
          Packing Size: 30*54.5*33 cm
          Weight: -



          Model Description

          Screw Fixing Magnetic    


          LED Lamp  
            High brightness LED Strobe warning lights, high visibility, use without maintenance..Continuous three-strobe flash quickly form a strong visual impact, warning better